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As an architectural firm SHIFT recognizes the need for development to be more resourceful, efficient and creative than ever before. From design conception to final production to firm structure, we strive to use technology and adaptability to create the project that fits the client’s needs.Learn More Image
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Chris Myers
Chris is well known for his innovation and his strong leadership. Need proof? He once commanded a seven-man team that functioned with such skill and efficiency as to outperform groups three times their size. This team was entrusted with the highest profile jobs and quickly established themselves as the core of the company.

Reuben Amado
You know those lauded few who begin their careers sweeping floors, but through sheer drive and determination climb their way to the upper echelons of a company? That would be Rueben. Well, OK, perhaps he wasn’t sweeping any floors, but he really did begin his career green and at the very bottom.

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Architectural Services
  • Pre-Design Due Diligence and Site Investigation
  • Property Entitlements
  • Building and Site Design
  • Construction Drawings
  • Construction Administration
  • Computer Generated 3-D Model
  • Modeling/Drafting Services
  • Project Management and Consultation

Building Information Modeling
  • Revit Training and Firm Implementation
  • Revit Template and Family Creation
  • Model Manager
  • Client Advocate in IPD Process

  • Pre-Design Due Diligence
  • Site Investigation
  • Property Entitlements
  • Site Adaption and Design
  • Zoning Documents
  • Construction Documents

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